Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree - 12/23 Singing Time

My first Sunday as the Primary Music Leader was the Sunday before Christmas.  What a fun time to start out!!  I utilized not one, but two Christmas trees for our activity - one a mini fake tree, and one a laminated paper one.

There is a cute tree and ornament PDF you could use (I already had one from a previous music leader) at

(no, this is not my tree, but it should give you an idea)
I talked to the kids for a minute about the origins of Christmas trees, and how we use evergreen trees to symbolize eternal life.  I encouraged them to remember this when they looked at their Christmas tree, and to remember the gift Jesus gave us.
I also told them that in other countries, the Christmas tree isn't decorated until Christmas Eve, so since we were meeting on the 23rd I figured it was close enough and we could decorate a couple.
The bare laminate tree was posted on the board, and the ornaments (with songs written on the back) around the room.  I picked a child to pick an ornament, put it on the laminated tree, and we would sing the Christmas song on the back.  Then (assuming they sang well), I would call one or two kids up to help decorate the mini tree.  We used battery-operated lights, tinsel, tiny ornaments, and tiny foil-wrapped gifts.  They just loved that everything was so tiny, and between the two trees just about everyone got a turn!!! 

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  1. I wanted to print out oh christmas tree, not trim a tree!