Sunday, July 14, 2013

Music Memory Game/Back to School - 8/18

I know I'm getting way ahead in my planning, but I always want to write these plans down before I forget them.  It's funny though, often I will be stressing on Friday or Saturday thinking I don't have enough planned, and then I will check the blog and remember all the stuff I've already planned and it's always more than enough!  Obviously I am not a great last-minute planner!

I figure that August 18 (since our Stake Conference is the last Sunday in August) will be a good time for a "Back to School" activity.  This idea is from LiveCraftEat HERE and from Sofia's Primary Ideas HERE.

The main activity will be refreshing their memorizing skills with a MUSIC MEMORY GAME - naturally with PROGRAM SONGS.  Our Primary Friends will take turns trying to match a song, and once they get the match we will sing it.

Here are the JPEGS of my Matching Game; the PDF is HERE.  Print the cards and mount them on different-colored cardstock or colored paper; use small magnets to attach them to the board.

The songs:
Lead Me/Guide Me: I Am a Child of God
Bird/Butterflies: My Heavenly Father Loves Me
One missionary each card: I Want to Be a Missionary Now
Family/Infinity: Families Can Be Together Forever
I Want to/Live the Gospel: I Want to Live the Gospel
Child Praying/He is There: A Child's Prayer
Rainbow/Baptism Picture: When I Am Baptized
Savior and boy: If the Savior Stood Beside Me
Church Logo: I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ
Some School-Related Activities to use while singing (all from Sofia's):
Balance an apple on your head or back of your hand
Art! Art! Art! Draw a picture on a piece of paper on your forehead of a cat.
Solve math problems on a calculator- as a  side note, the Holy Ghost is like a calculator! Yup! It's true, He just makes solving problems easier!
Book stacking & balancing into towers
Write the words of the song in the air with your finger pencil
Eraser toss into a pencil case
Pass the pencil using your elbows
And of course you can't forget P.E! Jog in place, knees high!!


  1. How did you attach the cards to the board? Thanks for the idea!

    1. Hi Suzie! I am going to use magnets. I've uploaded my cards, feel free to use them!

  2. Hello again Adrienne,

    I was curious to how many verses of each song for the primary program will your primary children be singing? Also are you doing anything extra like having a solo of one child? I am very new to this calling and would very much appreciate a feel of what someone else will be doing for their program.


    1. Hi Suzie!!! I will do a post about that just for you, check back in about 30 minutes!