Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hide the Magnet

Today, with a rowdy, holiday-weekend Jr. Primary, I decided at the last minute to do the good ol' hide-the-magnet game instead of my planned activity.  They LOVED it - Jr. and Sr. both - they sang great and participate the whole time!  It's a game they played often with the previous chorister.

Basic idea - you pick two children.  One goes out into the hall while the other hides the magnet (a good-size clamp one, like the kind you use to seal food bags or hang notes on the fridge with).  When the hall kid comes back in, the primary sings louder/softer depending on how close the hall kid is getting to the magnet.

Super simple.  No prep.  And, apparently, a fave for our primary.

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  1. Also, totally re - posting this one as well!!!!! Can't wait!