Saturday, September 7, 2013

Examples of Service from Prophets

Tomorrow's Primary theme is about how Prophets and Apostles show us how to serve.

Want a great matching game for it?  I found this HERE at All Things Bright and Beautiful.  Use it as a ready-to-go sharing time, or pick a song for each time the kids get a match.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sharing Time: A Month of Service

The theme for September is service.  Our Primary President did a sharing time yesterday that did a great job of introducing the monthly theme of SERVICE.  With the help of some other moms in the ward, she got and printed pictures of the children in our neighborhood performing acts of service.  Some of them were big, like helping with an Eagle Scout project, while others were as simple as hugging a sibling.  I think including real-life examples with pictures of kids we all know really helps to get the kids' attention!

I have a short sharing time next week, and am thinking I would love to have the kids perform an act of service.  The theme for next week is about how the prophets and apostles perform service, so we will talk about how they work so hard for the church without getting paid.  Then, I would love to have the kids take a few minutes to draw a picture or write a letter to either the missionaries in the ward or one of the leaders of the church.  This is one of my favorite topics and I hope we can all find ways to encourage our primary children to serve one another!

Our Ward's Got Talent!!

Yesterday, our new chorister (yes, I was released, but since I'm in the Presidency now I will keep this blog updated as much as possible with both singing and sharing time ideas) did 'Our Ward's Got Talent!'.  I had heard of this idea but had never figured it out, and it was really fun to watch.

She told the kids she was SURE we had a lot of talent in the ward and hung up a sign saying '8th Ward's Got Talent!!' Three chairs were set up near the front for volunteer teachers/leaders to be the judges.  Each judge was given a set of score cards - one with one star, one with two stars, one with three stars, etc up to five stars.

On the board were papers with pictures of stars on them.  On the other side of each was a song name.  A Primary friend was picked to select a star, and then the kids sang their best while the leaders judged.  They had so much fun!  She even tied it into my Celestial Singing Poster - any total of 12 stars or more was Celestial, 8-11 or so was Terrestrial, and below that was Telestial.

Another tool she used to get Jr. Primary to sing LOUD was to tell them she bet she could sing louder than ALL of them!!  They were so excited to show her she was wrong.

I've asked her for her word doc for the activity, if she sends it I'll post it here for all of you.