Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Am A Child of God Snow Search - 1/13 Singing Time

On the 13th, I decided it was time to buckle down and really teach the month's song (though we had sung it the previous week) - "I Am A Child of God".  I adapted a few ideas from HERE and came up with this snow-themed activity:

For opening, we sang "Once There Was a Snowman".  At the beginning of singing time, I talked about how COLD it is outside, and asked how they felt about winter!!!  We started off singing this adaptation of Popcorn Popping that a friend e-mailed to me:

I looked out the window and what did I see?
Snow was falling on the evergreen trees.
Winter has brought me such a nice surprise
Snowflakes falling right before my eyes.
I can take an armful and make a treat
A huge snowman that will seem so neat.
It was really so, and it seems to be
The BIGGEST snowman made in history!!!

Then I told them that we were going to talk about I Am A Child of God - but first they had to excavate my 'clues' from a large glass bowl filled with snow!!!!  The clues corresponded to gospel art pictures I had posted on the board (facing backwards, with a post-it number on the back of each).

Each object was stored inside a plastic bag - for Jr. Primary, I also included one of those fridge magnet numbers to make it easier for them to know which picture it went with.  I covered the table with a towel and provided gloves for those who wanted them.  They had a great time!!  After each few objects, we'd pick the verse with the most pictures uncovered and sing it, trying to guess the hidden pictures.  Maybe it's just because it's SO COLD here in Utah, but the snow hardly melted at all and nothing got wet, it wasn't nearly as messy as I feared.

This isn't a picture of my bowl, but I did use a large salad bowl like this.  I had the corners of the ziploc bags poking out to make them easier to grab.

Here's how I broke it out:
1. I am a Child of God
PIC: of Heavenly Father with children - I ended up only finding one with Christ and children but was careful to explain to them the difference
OBJECT: Small crown to show divine nature - each time a girl ended up wearing it for the rest of primary, they loved it.

2. And He Has Sent Me Here
PIC: Earth
OBJECT: Toy Airplane

3. Has given me an earthly home
PIC: Family in home
OBJECT: Wanted to find a small house, but couldn't, so used small toy tree, small nest, small toy baby

4. With parents kind and dear
PIC: Family
OBJECT: toy mom and dad

1. I am a Child of God (see above)

5. And so my needs are great
PIC: Fruit
OBJECT: Play fruit, block heart

6. Help me to understand His words
PIC: Scriptures
OBJECT: Mr. Potato Head mouth - could also use small plastic book

7. Before it grows to late
PIC: Samuel the Lamanite, talked about those who didn't listen
OBJECT: Toy whale, talked about Jonah

1. I am a Child of God (see above)

8. Rich blessings are in store
PIC: Baptism, talked about what a blessing it is
OBJECT: crystal, talked about how 'rich' does not necessarily mean jewels

9. If I but learn to do His will
PIC: Girl Praying
OBJECT: Magnifying glass - have to search hearts, minds, scriptures to know His will

10. I'll live with Him once more
PIC: Clouds/Heavens
OBJECT: small sun

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