Monday, January 28, 2013

Using Animal Puppets

I have these darling puppets around and wondered how I might use them.  I found some ideas HERE and adapted them to suit the animals that I have.  I may use these next week along with the singing science experiment, but I'm not sure I'll have time.  Still, always nice to have a backup!!!

Dog: Dan the dog is always running fast. He likes us to sing while playing hot potato. We'll pass around a bean bag (one for each side of the room) as fast as we can while singing and try to make it all the way around before the end of song.
Elephant: Emily the Elephant moves SLOWLY.  We'll sing slowly with Emily.
Monkey: Marvin the Monkey likes to climb trees. Sometimes he climbs high, sometimes low. When he is up high, we'll sing loud, and we'll sing soft when he's low. Have a child move Marvin up and down along with the music.
Zebra: Zoey the Zebra loves to prance.  We’ll sing staccato with Zoey.
Panda Bear: Pingu the Panda Bear loves to sneak up on people and loves the game “hide and seek”.  Give the panda to someone and have them hide it while a child is out of the room.
Pig: Polly the Pig is sleepy from eating so much dinner.  She wants to take a nap.  Sing softly with the lights off.

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