Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Madness - 3/24 Singing Time

I'll be out of town on March 24th, so have found a wonderful brother in our ward to sub for me.  Lucky for him, the week falls on when I had planned to play a "March Madness" review game - something I am guessing is totally up his alley because I know he plays.

Here is my plan:

Originally, I planned to have three separate baskets - large, medium, and small - with different songs associated with each.  The largest basket (a blue round laundry basket) would be closest, the medium basket (a blue mesh basket from Target, these are great for this activity because they kind of look like hoops, come in colors, and are only a few dollars), and a small Fisher Price basketball hoop that cheers when you get a basket (found at DI).

However, since I don't want my sub to have to bring QUITE so much to church, I am instead going to have one basket with various-sized balls and tie the song to how many baskets the kids get out of four tries.  You could either pick one kid to try all four shots, or you could have a class come up at a time and take turns on each shot.  I'm going to suggest the latter for Jr. Primary - I don't want any of the little kids to feel put on the spot or badly if they aren't a good shot.

1 Basket - Name That Tune with Program Songs.  If a child gets 1 basket, pick another child to come up and throw basketballs to determine how many notes the pianist will play to help them guess WHICH program song they'll be singing.

2 Baskets - Program/Easter Songs with Ways to Sing Dice.  Sing a Program Song or an EASTER song (at least for Sr. Primary, since they know the Program Songs really well), and roll my Ways To Sing Dice for a fun way to sing.

3 Baskets - Wiggle Song.  Pick a Wiggle Stick Creature and sing the corresponding Wiggle Song.

4 Baskets - Kids Choice. The kids can pick any church song they'd like.  Whoever gets 4 baskets may pick one of my Wacky Wands and lead the music.


- Adrienne


  1. Hi Adrienne!
    The kids lived this activity. Sr Primary was trying really hard to get wiggle songs. So much for them being too old. You are doing a great job!

  2. I know it's been two years since you posted this but I did March Madness in Primary today and the kids absolutely loved it and sang the songs so thanks for the idea!