Saturday, March 30, 2013

April Showers/Umbrella - 4/14 Plan

I don't know about you all, but I feel like my Primary needs a break from all the REVIEW.  The kids really are wonderful, the teachers are wonderful, and they have learned the program songs well.  Easter will be a bit of a departure from song review, but for the first Sunday in April I wanted to do something FUN.

I plan to copy the wonderful April Showers umbrella idea HERE - SO cute!  I was sure to add in our new song for April - the Primary Presidency picked "I Belong To The Church of Jesus Christ".  Especially with our song for the month being a fairly easy one, I plan to concentrate on SPRING for the first Sunday in April. 

The songs I plan to include (and the activities to go with them, since that always makes things more fun) are:

- Teach Me to Walk in the Light 177 (because it is part of the Mother's Day medley we will sing in Sacrament)
- Because It's Spring 239
          No added actions, will have to teach - possibly make a flip chart
- Birds in the Tree 241
          Hand motions as suggested in the songbook
- Happy Song 264
          Rhythm sticks to the beat, possibly a toy drum
- Little Purple Pansies 244
- Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep 243
          No added actions, will have to teach this one
- On A Golden Springtime 88
          Hand motions
- Popcorn Popping 242
          Hand motions
- Rain Is Falling All Around 241
          Let on child (a non-aggressive one) "rain" with a spray bottle down the center aisle
- I Belong To The Church of Jesus Christ 77

Beehive Messages (the site I linked to above) even has raindrop Jpegs all ready for you with these song titles . . . just hop on over and print them out!!!

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