Saturday, June 8, 2013

4th of July/Independence Day - Primary Fireworks - 6/30

For our 4th of July singing time, I am excited to incorporate a 'Primary Fireworks' idea I found HERE.  Darcy got the idea from Sugardoodle, but kindly photographed the process for the rest of us. 

BASIC IDEA - 1. Get a used Push-Pop stick.  2.  Stick thumbtack into Push Pop base.  3.  Attach empty toilet paper roll and decorate.  4. Blow up a balloon (with a song inside if you want), tie a string around the base, and staple the base to the TP roll so it doesn't fall off (I plan to just hold the string with one hand - that way I only had to decorate one TP roll instead of like 12!!). As the kids sing loudly/well, slowly raise the Push Pop stick through the TP tube until the tack POPS the balloon, revealing the next song name! 

I am going to use this as a REVIEW TOOL: Many of the songs inside the balloons will be ones they need work on (such as "I Want to Live the Gospel, v 2).  THEY CANNOT MOVE ON TO THE NEXT BALLOON UNTIL THEY SING WELL ENOUGH ON THE REVIEW SONG TO HAVE ME POP IT! 

In between each song, I will pick a child to pick the next balloon from the bouquet (I will have one bouquet for Jr. Primary and one for Sr).

Some sample facts/questions:
- What day and year was the Declaration of Independence signed? July 4, 1776
- What LDS prophet ran for President of the United States? Joseph Smith
- How many people signed the declaration on July 4th? Only 1, John Hancock - the rest signed later
- Why did the American people want independence? Discussion
- Which Article of Faith teaches us that we should sustain and uphold the law? - the 12th
- Which recent Presidential Candidate was a member of the Church? - Mitt Romney
- What does the Statue of Liberty hold in her LEFT hand? -A tablet inscribed with the date of the Declaration of Independence.
- How did President Monson serve his country? - He served in the Navy

**Alternate idea - put paper STARS all around the room with songs written on the back.  Have a flag (stars missing) on poster.  The kids pick the star, then mount it on the flag.
I Am a Child of God v. 4
My Heavenly Father Loves Me v. 2
When I Am Baptized (with Ribbon Wands)
My Flag, My Flag (#225) (with Ribbon Wands)
Star Spangled Banner (Hymnbook)
I Am a Child of God (Spanish - Sr Primary)
I Am a Child of God v. 4
My Heavenly Father Loves Me v. 2
My Flag, My Flag (#225) (with RibbonWands)
Star Spangled Banner (Hymnbook)

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