Friday, February 1, 2013

Conversation Heart Songs - 2/10 Valentine Lesson Plan

I've seen lots of ideas floating around on using conversation hearts for Singing Time and LOVE the idea!  Here is my Valentine's Singing Time plan:


 I will pick a teacher to choose TWO MEMBERS of the class to come up. ONE will pick a conversation heart from my heart-shaped bowl (more on the other kid later). We will sing the assigned song - I tried to pick a lot of short ones since they will be easier for the younger ones to catch on to if they don't know them and will leave more time for the longer review songs.  I was of course limited based on what phrases happened to come with my pack of conversation hearts!  I made sure to have two of each phrase in case I decide to let the kids eat the hearts they pick.

BE TRUE - Stand for the Right 159
(Stand the whole time)
I-M SURE - I Know My Father Lives 5
NO WAY - Dare to Do Right 158
(stand/sit on DARE)
YES DEAR - A Happy Family 198
LUV ME - Love One Another 136
(stand/sit on LOVE)
BE MINE - 4th AofF 124 (we choose to be His when we are Baptized)
UR MINE - I Am A Child of God 2 (since we are His children)
(sway each time "I", "me", or "my" are said)
AWESOME - My Heavenly Father Loves Me 228 (and we live in this AWESOME world!)
(Use Popsicle stick or object prompts from last week)
YES - I Want to Be a Missionary Now 168 (missionaries say YES to the call to serve)
MY HERO - I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus 78
ONE & ONLY - If With All Your Hearts 15
GOT LUV? - Jesus Said Love Everyone 61


When each teacher calls two kids, one of them will pick the conversation heart.  The other will put a few hearts on a poster that I will have ready for our bishopric.  I have cut out paper hearts for each Primary child, have separated them into their classes (I made sure to put some 'boy' colors in too) and got permission from the Primary President to have them put in the roles this week with a request to the teachers to have the kids sign (and, if they like, write a note) to our bishopric during class THIS SUNDAY.

I will have the blank poster ready, with a simple header saying "WE LOVE OUR BISHOPRIC", and a ton of rolled tape ALREADY SECURED on the poster.  That way, the kids don't have to mess around with tape, they just draw a few hearts (doesn't matter whose) from my bag and stick them on one of the tape spots.


We did this activity today and Sr. Primary LOVED the game addition from Camille's blog HERE - after one child picked a conversation heart, I would have two contestants come up and sit at a table with one handbell each.  The pianist played a couple notes of the song that went with the conversation heart, and the first person to think they knew the song rang the bell.  All contestants got a Reese's, and the winning contestant put a few hearts on our Valentine's poster.  REALLY fun.  I did have hearts on the board with the titles so they knew what they were picking from.

I'm sure looking forward to this activity, I think it will be fun!!!  I feel like we will have learned the first verse of My Heavenly Father Loves Me on 2/3, so will work hard on the 2nd verse on 2/17 and review again the last week in February.


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