Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Preparing for Baptism/Bishop Interview Questions - 6/9

Update - total flop for Sr. Primary, I didn't even try it in Jr.  Maybe it would have gone better, except the boys couldn't stop talking about how creepy the drawing was.  If you try this, use a cartoon or a printed picture unless you are a good artist!!

June is all about preparing for BAPTISM.  I thought it would be fun to discuss baptism/review baptismal covenants by discussing possible baptismal/temple recommend interview questions (idea HERE).

STEP 1:  Get a picture of your BISHOP, crop so that only his head and neck are showing, then PRINT.

STEP 2: CUT out the head/neck of the picture, PASTE onto poster board, and then DRAW a suit and tie underneath with a wide pocket.

I only drew his face in because I wasn't sure how he'd feel about having his photo up here!  Otherwise I would have just glued on the picture.

STEP 3:  Cut a line in the pocket and attach a Ziploc bag in the back.  The kids will have to PICK A QUESTION from the bishop's pocket. Alternatively, you could just attach the questions to the bottom of the poster.

I want to point out to them that they learn many gospel principles through Primary songs!!

For Jr. Primary, we will just talk about the questions but continue to practice "When I Am Baptized" in between until they have it down.  For Sr. Primary, we will use the songs below.

Do you understand what it means to be baptized? When I Am Baptized 103
Do you keep the commandments?  Keep the Commandments 146
Do you believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ? I Know my Father Lives 5
Do you pray to Heavenly Father? A Child's Prayer 12
Do you have a testimony? I Want to Be a Missionary Now 168
Do you try to follow the words of the prophets? Follow the Prophet 110
Are you kind to your family and friends? Love One Another 136
Do you understand why repentance and baptism are so important? Article of Faith 4 124
Do you attend your church meetings and keep the Sabbath day holy? To Think about Jesus 71
Do you take good care of your body? Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 275

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  1. What a great idea! I love your blog...thanks for sharing!