Monday, May 6, 2013

Second Mother's Day Idea

Update - in the end I got enough responses to use my original idea and, especially with the blow dryer box, it was really fun!! 

So . . . you win some you lose some.  Time to simplify.  I have only gotten a few responses back on my "Mother's Day Guess Who", so time to come up with a BACKUP PLAN in case I can't get enough in!  Or, I could always sprinkle this revised activity with a few "Guess Who" spotlights....

My backup plan will be the "Hats off to Mothers" idea that has been popping up on a lot of blogs and websites lately (originally from the Friend).  My favorite version is Camille's, HERE.  I truly love anything that I don't have to try to draw myself!!

Here is the poem:

Hats Off to Mother
My mother’s job is sometimes hard, and I have heard her say,
“The hours are long, and if I could, I’d like to change the pay.”
Her profession has variety, and I will tell you now
About the many hats she wears—and why and when and how.
1. My mommy’s a nurse who fixes and patches, All of my hurts and my sores and my scratches.
2. My mother’s a chef who fixes each dinner, Fit for a king—a blue-ribbon winner!
3. My mom’s a chauffeur who drives pretty slow, But gets me to places where I need to go.
4. My mom’s a detective, and no one is greater, At getting the truth from me sooner or later.
5. My mommy’s a gardener and works really hard, Planting and weeding and grooming our yard.
6. My mother’s a maid—at least that’s what she said— ‘Cause she cleans up the house and makes every bed. (I might change this one, I know I make my kids make their OWN beds!!)
7. My mother’s an angel—a queen in disguise—Who teaches the gospel with tears in her eyes.
Today take these hats off, and please wear no other. Let me do your work, to show I LOVE YOU, MOTHER!

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