Friday, January 25, 2013

Blow Dryer Box Tutorial

My dear friend (and Primary Music Leader predecessor) made this AWESOME blow dryer box last year.  The idea is that you insert something easily blown (silk flowers, leaves, etc) with songs written on them, then let the kids have turns sticking their arms in and trying to 'catch' a song.

Liz kindly gave her box to me, but suggested I make a new one since hers was a bit beat up.  I took photos along the way so you can share in her genius!!

Step 1: Get a big box (mine is on left, hers on right).

Step 2: Using a cup, trace circles for an arm hole and a blow dryer hole, then cut out with a utility knife.  Make sure there is a vent at the top - the box I used had a punched-out handle that worked perfectly. 

Step 3: Using spray adhesive (my new favorite thing!!) wrap the box outside and in with wrapping paper (or, if you want to do yours like Liz did, spray paint the outside).

Step 4: Add a tree (I was able to completely reuse Liz's) 

Step 5: Reinforce holes with Duct Tape 

Step 6: Add plastic (the heavy, tablecloth-cover kind) to the front!

Insert silk flowers, leaves, etc with songs written on them, turn the blow dryer on cool, and enjoy!!  You can't see very well in my picture but there are some flowers blowing around.  Obviously I'll need to stock up on more before I use it.  I can see a lot of uses for it - hearts or rose petals in February, flowers in spring, leaves in fall, snowflakes in winter . . . 


  1. Thanks for showing this - I wanted to do something similar in the fall with my leaves activity but couldn't figure out a way to make it work! I will probably do this next year. Great idea.

  2. This looks like so much fun!

  3. What is the silver lining material?? VERY COOL looking!

  4. Where did you get your clear plastic? You said tablecloth kind but I'm still not sure I understand? And just to make sure, you have one hole on the bottom for the blow dryer and one hole on the other side about half way up for them to put their hand through right?? Very cute idea!!

    1. Hi Patti! You can buy it by the yard, I have seen it in the craft section at WalMart or at craft stores. It's often referred to as a "tablecloth protector" or "tablecloth plastic" if that helps. It comes in different thicknesses, I like it because it's MUCH sturdier than saran wrap! They sell it on Amazon, etc, but not for a great price. I would call a couple of craft stores in your area to see if they have it in stock and if you can buy only what you need.

      And yes, on the holes!! Make sure the arm hole is large enough for kids to get their arm in, but not so large that it makes "catching" easy. Be sure to test your object (petals, leaves, etc) to be sure they move around enough in there. Enjoy!

  5. This is an awesome idea! I am going to do this for this year. Thanks for the fantastic Idea!