Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mother's Day - Blow Dryer Box, Guess Who? 3/12

After much thought and debate, I've decided on my Mother's Day plan!  I was really tempted to use the "weeping mother" idea here, but maybe next year . . .

I want something that honors Mothers, but also gives the kids a bit of fun and a break after their sure-to-be-spectacular performance in Sacrament meeting.  So, I think I will pull out my Blow Dryer Box - can you believe I haven't used it yet!?

Since Mothers often receive FLOWERS near Mother's Day, I used artificial ROSE PETALS with numbers and a few WILD/WIGGLE petals written on them (I love using numbers instead of song names, so that I can change my reference sheet as needed without throwing out/writing over my props!).
The kids (picked by their teachers for reverence) will take turns coming up and "catching" a rose petal with a number on it.  Each number will correspond to a "GUESS WHO" for the mother of one of the Primary kids.  The kids will try to guess whose Mom we are talking about with clues such as how many children the mom has, hobbies, hair color, funny stories, etc.  I will keep it brief and will give lots of hints if they don't get it quickly.
To make sure there are plenty of petals blowing around, I'll make several sets.  If the same number is pulled more than once, that child will either say something they know or like about the person who has already been guessed, or something they love about their own mother.
Once the Mom is guessed, we will sing that Mom's favorite Primary song (I will ask them to try to pick common ones that the kids will know).
This does take a little preparation! TOMORROW I will send out an email to about 15 moms asking them to participate.  If they haven't responded by NEXT WEEK with the survey and a PICTURE, I'll start calling.  I think they will enjoy being included, and I think the kids will enjoy their moms having a moment of fame in Primary.
Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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