Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flip Charts for Spring-Time Primary Songs

Reviewing my songs for Sunday, (I'm doing the April Showers activity HERE, the only supplies you need are an umbrella, some ribbon or thread, and a printer), I think my kids will need help on some of the Springtime songs.  Since we won't be singing them often, I won't spend a LOT of time teaching them, but I did make some Flip Charts. 

Don't get too excited, these are basic with Microsoft Word or free online clipart, nothing custom, but you are welcome to use them!  The formatting goes off when you download the Word version from Google, so if you want to print them as-is I recommend the PDF.  Or, if you have troubles, leave a comment and I can email you the Word file directly.

Because it's Spring (Word): HERE
Because it's Spring (PDF): HERE
Happy Song (Word): HERE
Happy Song (PDF): HERE
Little Purple Pansies (Word): HERE
Little Purple Pansies (PDF): HERE

- Adrienne

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