Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Repentance Spots - 6/23

** The kids LOVED hearing my real-life mistakes!  Sr. Primary complained when it was time for sharing time that they hadn't gotten to hear all of them.  I definitely recommend using true stories!!!

I really want to talk about repentance in a way that the kids will remember.  Along those lines, I am copying an idea I found on SugarDoodle HERE, called "What are those Spots?!?".

Now, the person who wrote this idea wore her 'spots' all through sacrament meeting - I definitely would not be daring enough to do THAT!!!!  But I like her idea - you cut out several large circles and write a sin or a mistake on them.  Then, pin them to your clothes BLANK SIDE up. 

The first couple of times the kids asked about my spots, I pretended not to know what they were talking about.  Then I would say "WHAT??  You can SEE these??  Oh, that is so EMBARASSING!  These are my mistakes.  Would you please help me get them off!!!"

Not that you need a visual, but here it is . . .

I wonder how much more effective it would be if all the mistakes were true??  It's not fun to reflect on our own mistakes, but at the same time kids always want to know what REALLY happened.  Here are a few TRUE examples for me (I was careful to pick stories from my Primary days so that it doesn't turn into a current-day confessional):

1. When I was in elementary school and was taking ballet classes, I told my friends that I got a part in a ballet that I really didn't.
2. I took some money from my little sister's hiding place because I hadn't saved mine and wanted to go to the school carnival.
3. I was angry at my mom for spending so much time teaching piano, I HID all of her teaching supplies all around her studio.
4. Once I really wanted to go on a hike, but no one else in my family was ready, so I started doing something else.  Once they WERE ready, I complained about going and said I didn't want to anymore, and was grumpy the whole time.
5. My mom always asked me to wear SHOES outside.  But I didn't like shoes, so I would disobey her.
6. My mom would ask me to mop the floor, and sometimes I didn't want to.  So I would mop it, but wouldn't do a very good job.
7. My dad is very good at math and would always help me with my homework.  Instead of thanking him, I would get mad at him when I didn't understand a problem.
8. Sometimes, when I didn't want my little sister to play with me, I would be rude to her and tell her I didn't want to play with her.
9. In Sunday School I sometimes wanted to sit on the floor and talk to my friends more than I wanted to listen to my teacher.

After each SPOT is taken off, before I can put it down we will talk about what I should have done differently or to repent.  As much as I can remember, I will tell them how I DID repent.  Then, we will sing a song associates with the mistake or act of repentance.  Right now I am planning on these songs:

1. I Believe in Being Honest 149
2. I Want to Live the Gospel 148
3. I Feel My Savior's Love 74
4. Smiles 267
5. Keep the Commandments 146
6. Fun to Do 253
7. Families Can Be Together Forever 188
8. Love One Another
9. Reverence is Love 31


  1. I just got called as the Jr. Primary Chorister and was trying to come up with ideas when I stumbled across this post. I loved it and we did it last week. I got all my spots on before church and as soon as my daughter (5) saw them, she immediately asked, "Daddy, why do you have spots on?"

    It was so much fun to have all the kids looking and watching. Thanks for the great idea and implementation.

    1. I am so thrilled you were able to use it!! Good luck in your new calling!

  2. I used this idea last week, and the kids LOVED it! They were so enthralled as I spilled my sins! Great idea and thanks.