Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review Game: Nerd is the Word

Well, I'm back from vacation!  Today I will use my Summer Vacation Suitcase idea, but I want to throw in an extra challenge for Sr. Primary.  I plan to incorporate the "Nerd is the Word" or "Word Nerd" game Camille posted about HERE.  It's very similar to the "Missing Word Hat" game I'll use in September.

I've got some goofy glasses, and will bring a stack of Post-It Notes and a Sharpie.  Just write a word from the song on the Post-It, put it on the volunteer's forehead, and do not sing that word.  Once the volunteer guesses the word, it's the next person's turn.

I don't want this to be TOO easy for Sr. Primary, so I will have a list ready of words they can pick from to make sure the volunteer doesn't guess it three words in.

Since I don't want to embarrass anyone, this will be a volunteer-only game.  I plan to reward my volunteers with a small treat.

Thanks for the ideas and for the kind comments!!

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