Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Footprints, Ways to Sing, Traffic Light - 1/27 Singing Time

This Sunday I was scheduled to do the Singing Science Experiment from  I am still going to use it for sure, and LOVE the idea, but I felt like for this Sunday we needed something a little . . . . smaller.

My plan is to post paper footprints all around the room.  The front will say a choice that can be made to Choose the Right (the week's theme), and the back will have a song written on it.  Since I want to be sure to review I Am a Child of God again, I will have each verse written on one footprint.  I'll also use I Want to be a Missionary now (our option song), as well as songs about choosing the right, choices, etc.

I will select a child to pick a footprint.  They will tell us about the choice listed and how it involves choosing the right, then will announce the song and post the footprint on the board along a chalk-drawn path leading to a picture of Christ.

Next I will call another child to come roll the "Ways to Sing" box that I posted about yesterday, which I think will make the review more fun.  We will sing whatever song was picked in whatever way it's rolled . . . should make things interesting!

On the Stop/Go card, instead of making a Stop/Go Popsicle stick set, I'm really excited to make a flashlight-operated traffic light!  I will cut circles out of poster board or foam board, paint or color the board to look like a traffic light, and then past colored vellum (red, yellow, and green) on the back.  Whoever rolls that card will get to use a flashlight and stand behind the traffic light to direct the singing - normal speed, slow, or stop.  I will post a picture once I get it all made - just need a few more supplies!

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