Sunday, October 13, 2013

Primary Song Snowflakes

If you love any ideas where the creative part has been done for you, check this one out!  Sure, cutting the snowflake would take some time, but the kids would be AMAZED with these Primary Song Snowflakes.  Download the document from the always-talented OCD Primary Chorister HERE.

Snowman and Snowflakes:  
Once There Was a Snowman #249

I am Like a Star  #163
Stars Were Gleaming  #37

Love One Another  #136
Jesus Said Love Everyone  #61
Reverence Is Love #31

I Love to See the Temple  #95
Families Can Be Together Forever  #188

"CTR" Letters and Shield:
Choose the Right Way #160
Dare to Do Right #168
Choose the Right #239, Hymns

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam  #60

Rainbows, Clouds, 8 and Raindrop:
When I am Baptized  #103

10 Commandments:
Keep the Commandments #146

Children Holding Hands
Holding Hands Around the World
Children All Over the World #16

Boo Bowling

I thought this idea from Kyle Katee Payne on LDS Primary Site was super fun!!

They said: Boo bowling today! Really easy, wrote on back of ghosts mouths things like reverent song, wiggle song, piano picks, teachers sing, pick your fav.
Child will bowl with pumpkin and chose one from the ones that got tipped over:)