Friday, March 8, 2013

Easter Primary Singing Time - 3/31

Here is my plan for Easter . . . (**updated to include some great ideas from the OCD Chorister, see next post!) I've assembled these ideas from a variety of sources at THIS Sugardoodle link.  They are pretty common, not much new here, but enjoy!

I know most people like to use Easter Eggs to put their 'object' in, but I found these cute little favor boxes when I picked up my St. Patrick's Day magnets at The Dollar Tree and decided to use them instead.  I want to emphasize the GIFT aspect of what our Savior did for us, and thought gift boxes would illustrate that a little better than eggs.

The boxes will be numbered and hidden around the room.  I will ask the kids if anyone can find number 1, number 2, etc, so that we go in order.  For each box, there will be an object that matches a picture displayed on the board.  They will try to guess which picture the object goes to as we put them in order to tell the story of Easter.

COMBINATION: A lot of us are thinking of combining Singing Time and Sharing Time on this Sunday since it's a 5th Sunday.  If I were going to combine, I would add a scripture to each box, and then have the member of the Presidency lead the scripture/discussion portion while I handle the songs and pictures.

If I am short on time, I will combine boxes 4/5 and 6/7 and sing only one song for each set.

Box 1:
Palm Leaf, small toy donkey
(I cut my leaf out of green vellum, since I thought it would withstand being rolled/folded in the box better)
Talk: About Christ's entrance to the City
Attribute: CHEERFUL -
this was a happy day on which Jesus was cheered and brought joy to those he met
Picture: GAB 50, Triumphant Entry
Song: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus 57 (use Egg Shakers)

Box 2: Washcloth, soap
Talk: About when Jesus cleaned the feet of His disciples
Attribute: SERVICE
Picture: GAK #226/GAB #55, Jesus washing feet
Song: I'm Trying to be Like Jesus 78

Box 3: Sacrament Cup
Talk: About when Jesus instituted the sacrament at the Last Supper
Attribute: Willingness to TEACH
Picture: GAK #225 The Last Supper
Song: To Think About Jesus 71

Box 4: Small tree, Band-Aid
Talk: About Gethsemane, how he paid for our hurts and owies
 Attribute: COURAGE
Picture: GAK #227/GAB #56, Gethsemane
Song: Nephi's Courage 120

Box 5: Thorns, Nail
Talk: About Crucifixion
Picture: GAB #57/GAK #230, Crucifixion
Song: Help Me, Dear Father 99

Box 6: Rock
Talk: About tomb, the example Christ left for us even when he is not physically present
Attribute: LOVE, EXAMPLE
Picture: GAK #232, Tomb
Song: Love One Another 
I know it's hard to even see the rock, I should have taken these pictures somewhere else!  Sorry!

Box 7: Empty
Talk: About Resurrection
Picture: GAK #233, Resurrection
Song: Hosanna 66 (use bells for descant and poster with JPEGS from HERE)

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  1. A big thank you, Adrienne, for your Easter Sharing Time ideas. I put them to good use in our Primary today. I liked your idea of emphasizing the gifts of Jesus and created an introductory discussion on the subject. We didn't use the songs or scriptures but opted for simply telling the story of Easter as the kids opened the containers and matched the symbols with the pictures.

    I. Intro - The Gifts of Jesus
    A. DOES anyone here like to receive presents?
    - SHOW gold box
    • have assistant distribute gift boxes around the room
    • WHAT is a present you have received?
    - ask several children
    • Another name for a present is a GIFT - BOARD You can say, "My grandma sent me a a present on my birthday" or you can say "My grandma sent me a gift on my birthday"
    B. Some gifts we can hold - show gold box
    • All of us have received gifts that we can hold.
    • Some gifts we can't hold
    • All of us also have received gifts that we can't hold.
    • WHAT is an example of a gift you can't hold? - If the kids can't think of anything, ask the adults. (a hug, a smile, a promise, a good example, a father's blessing, freedom, a loving home, someone to talk to.)
    • We learn in the scriptures that faith, hope and charity are gifts from Heavenly Father
    C. DO you think Jesus likes to give gifts?
    PICTURE, Jesus and kids WHY?
    • DID you know that Jesus has given you some of the most special gifts of all?
    • We learn in the Doctrine & Covenants that Heavenly Father had Jesus make the world for us so we could have a place to live.
    • We learn in the Book of Mormon that the very air we breathe is a gift to us.
    D. Everything about Jesus is a gift to us! He told his disciples, "I am the way, the truth and the life."
    • When he says, "I am the way," Jesus means that how he lived is the way to be happy and the way to return home to our Heavenly Father.
    • When he says, "I am the life," Jesus means we will live forever because of a very special gift that we will learn about today called the resurrection. The gift of the resurrection is one of the reasons we celebrate Easter today.