Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Great Easter Idea

You can find another great Easter-appropriate plan HERE from the always-fabulous OCD Chorister - I love how it focuses on Christ's life and attributes!!!

If I were to combine this plan with my original one (still using my Easter boxes), I would put the following objects in:

- Tree (same as before, for Gethsemane/COURAGE)
- Soap/washcloth (same as before, for washing feet/SERVICE)
- Thorn/nails (same as before, for crucifixion/FORGIVENESS)
- Palm leaf (same as before, for entrance/CHEERFUL)

Then I would pick a couple of these (probably Faith, Obedience, and/or Love):

- Boat (walking on water/FAITH)
- Heart, bandages (Good Samaritan/LOVE)
- Pencil/paper (for Christ teaching/KNOWLEDGE)
- Tools, picture of a family (for Christ's family/HONORING PARENTS)
- Mini plate/cup (story of Martha/REVERENCE)
- White baptism suit cut out of felt (baptism/OBEDIENCE)

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