Monday, June 17, 2013

Eternal Family Tool Box - "Families Can Be Together Forever, v.2" - 7/14

The second week of July, as we continue to learn/reinforce the principle of eternal families, I plan to use a lesson plan from the Crazy Chorister HERE.  I'll summarize below just in case she ever takes her site down, but want you to know this is not my idea, though I did adapt it!

- Bring a large toolbox from home.  If you don't have one, get a diaper box; cover it with colored paper and glue/tape the letters T-O-O-L-S on the front.
- Put seven or eight of the following items around the room, each with a number tied on it:
1. Leather Gloves or Protective Glasses
We must protect ourselves and our families from things that would harm us
2. A flashlight
Our parents and the gospel can light the way
3. Some rolled-up butcher paper w/picture of scriptures inside
The scriptures give us a blueprint for building a happy home
4. A kneeling pad (like those for garden)
The importance of prayer
5. Gorilla Glue
Blessings of being sealed together in the temple
6. A bandage or box of Band-Aids
We should care for our families and try to help their hurts
7. Sandpaper
Through practice and repentance, we can smooth out our rough spots
8. Ruler/Yardstick
We must do our best to follow the gospel with exactness
9. Industrial Soap
Christ can make us perfectly clean
10. A Trash Bin
As we work on our project, we throw out the things that are unneeded - similarly we need to get rid of things in our lives that don't help our family be stronger
11. Hammer/Nails/small piece of wood
We need to stick together and be strong enough to not be pulled apart by the world
Feel free to comment with any other ideas you have and I will add them to this post!
*Modification - I ended up using this just in Sr. Primary.  Since they know the month's song well, I had one kid from each class come up and pick a tool from the box, and then they discussed with their classes how the tool could symbolize something to do with building eternal families.
- Tell the kids you are going to show them how to BUILD an eternal family.  Look in your toolbox and act surprised that it's empty . . . can the kids help you find the TOOLS you need?
- Have the kids take turns wearing a hard hat and bringing up an item. Talk with them about why that item helps us build a happy home, then add the item to the tool box.
- Have each kid also pick a PERSON to put on the board (from the FAMILY PRINTABLES I mentioned in my last post) - the person they choose will dictate how we sing the song (slow, loud, lead the music, dance, tongue out, etc).
- For Jr. Primary, teach the lines of the 2nd verse of "Families Can Be Together Forever" in between tool discussions.  For Sr. Primary, have each number correspond to a song about families to sing and have only one or two of them be FCBTF.
Additional Family-Related Songs:

Love at Home 294
Love One Another 308
Love is Spoken Here 190
Here We Are Together 261
I Love to See the Temple 95
When We're Helping 198
Teach Me to Walk in the Light 177


  1. Ohh - Do you remember "My Eternal Family" that was in the back of the primary program manual a few years back (09 maybe)that starts off ..... "I am a builder working each day"? Your tool box made me think of that.
    And BTW, I ADORE your calendar in the right column. You are so clever!!!!

    1. You nailed it, that is the exact song that this idea was originally made for!! Maybe as an added July song? ;) I actually have never even heard of it, this is my first time in Primary other than one year as a Sunbeam teacher as a newlywed.

      I am so glad you like the calendar! I felt like there was too much going on and I don't always post in order, so wanted there to be a place where it was easy to see what was going on. Thanks for your always-kind comments!!!