Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pick-A-Stick Creature Tool for Primary Singing Time, Wiggle Songs

You might remember that a while ago, I made some "Wiggle Worms", then found an idea I liked even BETTER.  I hadn't even used my wiggle worms yet, so the kids won't notice the difference and I can see SO many more uses for these Popsicle Stick Creatures!!!
The lady who gave me the idea wrote ways to sing on the stick.  Originally, I planned to write wiggle songs on them, but instead I put numbers.  This way, to change their function, I just have to print out a different reference sheet, as whatever the number the kids pick will correspond to a song on my sheet!  When these guys aren't being used for singing time they may be used to pick chores in my house, and so I wanted something flexible and that will keep the kids guessing as to which creature means which song/chore.

Yes, I forgot to leave room for the number 10 on my caterpillar . . . but he has 10 body parts other than his head, and so I guess that will be my clue!
If you can't tell what they are, I made: a spider, a monster, a dragonfly, a girl, a baby monster, a pig/guinea pig, ladybug, bumblebee, funny looking guy, and caterpillar.
I put them all in a box I found for $1 at Target yesterday.
Here is the reference sheet I made - I cut it out with cute scissors and put it on the back of the box with double stick tape so that I'll always have it with the creatures.  Remember to bring a small spray bottle for "Rain is Falling" - I forgot today but luckily no one picked that one!

1. Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes 275
2. Wise Man and Foolish Man 281
3. Hinges 277
4. If You’re Happy 266
5. Popcorn Popping 242
6. Once There Was a Snowman 249
7. Book of Mormon Stories 118
8. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam 60
9. Rain is Falling All Around 241
10. Smiles 267
*The kids LOVED this - even Sr. Primary wanted to use them!!  They even asked if we could name them.  So glad they had fun with them!!!
- Adrienne


  1. Hey! Just discovered your blog and LOVE IT!! You're fabulous!! Can you email me a copy of your 2013 singing time schedule? I couldn't find it on Yahoo Groups. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!

    1. Thanks so much, Sue! The calendar is on its way to you!

  2. Such a cute idea! I just added your blog to my blog list - and I see that I'm on yours. Thank you :)