Saturday, February 16, 2013

Singing Time Scratch-Off Poster

I thought I'd post a tutorial on a singing time Scratch-Off Poster I made today, since I was a little nervous to try it.  I'm using this poster to introduce the first verse of "If the Savior Stood Beside Me", but you could use it to highlight the key words for any song.  It's a little time consuming, but I think the kids will really enjoy it.

First, cut some strips of posterboard out, and draw four circles on each.  The first time I tried to line the circles up perfectly, but then ended up staggering them so that I didn't have to be a perfectionist about it!  I just used an Ikea plastic kids bowl to draw the circle.  Somehow I didn't get a picture of just the poster board with the circles, but you get the idea.  Inside each circle I wrote my key words: DO, THINK, FOLLOW, and LIVE.

Next, using the same size circle, draw however many circles you need onto a sheet of Con-tact paper.  Yes, you do need Con-Tact paper (or packing tape will work, I've heard) - no, the 'slippery' paint will NOT come off when painted onto the shiny side of the poster.  I tried it.  Do not try to cut out the circles first, because the circles will curl at the edges and be REALLY hard to paint.  I folded the corners of the Con-Tact sheet down and used the sticky side to keep it adhered to my counter.

I did 9 circles - 4 for each poster (one for Jr. Primary, and one for Sr.) and one to use as a sample.

Next, mix approximately two parts metallic acrylic paint with one part dish soap (recipe from

Paint the solution onto your circles.  It will look a little bubbly and will probably take two or three coats to cover it enough to keep the letters from showing through once you place them on the board. I wish I had let it dry more thoroughly between coats, because some of the 1st coat came up when I did the 2nd and 3rd.

Cut out the circles carefully to avoid rubbing off the paint.  You can patch it if you need to though. 

Peel the backing off and adhere the stickers to your poster. 

Ask the kids, while they are singing, to figure out what questions the song is asking.  After each sing-through, allow them to scratch off the surface of one circle to see if they were right! 


  1. This is so super cool!!!! I can't wait to try it! Thanks so much for posting! I'm going to link to it on my blog. I really appreciate this idea!!!!

    1. SO THRILLED that you like it! I am thinking of turning them over and doing the same for the second verse on the back and teaching both next week . . . we shall see . . . enjoy!

  2. Great idea! How did the kids like it?

    1. They really enjoyed it! The scratched-off paint was a little messier than I had anticipated, but luckily the chalkboard ledge caught most of it and I just swept it into the garbage. One cute girl in Sr. Primary couldn't stop raising her hand to ask questions about how I made it because she wanted to use the idea for school.

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