Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wacky Wands

I've mentioned my "WACKY WANDS" a couple of times - here is a picture.  It's nothing fancy, just a bunch of baton options for when the kids help sing.  At the moment, I have a flower and foam wands from The Dollar Tree, a sparkly wand my daughter got at a birthday party, an inflatable light saber from Target's party section, and a light-up flashlight/emergency whistle that we happened to have around.
If you're thinking that I seem to use the same scrapbook paper/ribbon a lot, you're right!  My extremely crafty little sister tried to get me into scrapbooking oh, probably SEVEN YEARS ago.  She gave me a book of scrapbook paper and some stickers and beads for Christmas that year.  They've all been sitting, neglected other than for a few baby shower invitations, until this calling!  I've used a lot of the paper, and the number stickers I put on my Popsicle Stick creatures were from that gift as well.  I'm glad they are finally getting some use!
- Adrienne

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