Friday, August 2, 2013

PB&J Prayer Sandwich to introduce " A Child's Prayer"

Bev Brierly shared this link from Little LDS Ideas with our facebook group, and I think it's a great idea to introduce August's Song! 

(Adapted only slightly from Little LDS Ideas)
PB&J Prayer Sandwich
Tell the children that today you are going to be making a PB&J Prayer Sandwich.
Show the children the first piece of bread. Ask them ‘How do we begin our prayers? The first piece of bread is for 'Dear Heavenly Father’. Lay the piece of bread on a plate and have everyone repeat ‘Dear Heavenly Father’.
Now, ask if anyone knows what comes next.
The Jelly! Use the jelly to represent: 'We Thank Thee.’
But instead of putting on a lot of jelly just put on a tiny little glob.
Ask the children if that is enough. They’ll obviously say NO!
Explain that when we pray we need to remember to thank Heavenly Father for ALL of our many blessings. We want Heavenly Father to know that we appreciate all that He has given to us, so we need to remember to Thank Him.  As the children suggest things to thank the Lord for, add more jelly.
The next step in our PB&J Sandwich is the PB!
 The peanut butter represents: 'We Ask Thee'. Again, ask the children for things they might ask for and as they give you ideas, add more PB.
And the last part of our PB&J Prayer sandwich is the piece of bread which represents: 'In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen'. 


  1. Would you do this as a sharing time, or an intro to A Child's Prayer singing time?

    1. It could easily be used for either!!! I think that NEXT Sunday (not tomorrow/fast Sunday) I will open by telling them I will be making a prayer sandwich and, after talking about the first piece of bread, will add PB/Jelly as they call out things they are thankful for/need. After the sandwich is made I will segway into talking about the song. I think it could be as quick as two or three minutes, but you could also draw it out into a whole lesson as the original author did (using pictures for things we are thankful for and need).

      Anyone who is uncomfortable using real food or who has Primary Friends with peanut allergies could always use to printables of bread/jam/pb and make the same analogy. I like that the jelly is the 'thanks' because it's sweet. :)